Thursday, May 24, 2012

Process of Elimination

It doesn't generally take much for me to eliminate somebody as a person I'm interested in talking to, but some make it easier than others. Tons of people on this site are looking mainly to hook up with random people, which is fine, but if I want a random hookup I'll go to a bar and play eenie meenie minie moe. Putting the time into doing this online is supremely unappealing. Others, however, seem to do exactly this all of the time. Thus one of the things I look out for is a guy who is focused on physical appearance (his or mine). The following guy was borderline:
Him: So me.... I like that your witty and you semm very confident! If you likw what you see drop me a line! 
Me: I'd rather like what I read. 
Him: what??
Grammar, typos, and spelling aside (sheesh!) I was concerned that he wanted me to look at his pics and then decide if I wanted to talk (usually a short conversation... "u wanna hook up, babe?" "not really"). I decided to use this opportunity to educate on the importance of having interesting things written in a profile rather than just nice pictures. I really think I made some headway. 

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